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Mens swimwear for the beach
Mens swimwear for the beach

General idea about men's board shorts

Board Shorts were considered for swimming purpose only. But now it is worn by surfers, skaters, windsurfers and kayakers. Men fall in love with these shorts because it is durable, comfortable and fast drying trunks. People living in warmer climates opt to wear board shorts as everyday attire. These were considered as swimming trunks once upon a time. But now it is a combination of swimming trunks and walking shorts. Board shorts are unlined, have a flat, trim line, and close with Velcro, laces and eyelets. These are popular among men, women and children. Some of the famous manufacturers are Billabong, Hurley, Quicksilver and Ocean Pacific.

They come in different colors, styles and fabrics. If you notice most of the men prefer nylon fabric because it is durable and have dry quality. They are available in various lengths from short to knee-length. Hawaiian prints are popular in board shorts, sometimes appearing only on the contrasting panel, and other times, over the entire article of clothing.

If you're planning for a vacation, board shorts are considered best because they require less space in your suitcase. You can wear them casually for beachwear purpose. While wearing shorts you can enjoy a walk in the beach. Most of the people in North America like to wear board shorts because it is durable and comfortable.

Difference between Board Shorts and Swim trunks:

Board shorts and swim trunks were designed keeping water in mind, but one major difference is around the waist. Choose one, based on your preference.

Board shorts are the latest trend in men's swimwear collection. Since they are made of polyester or nylon, it can easily be dried and doesn't get baggy from holding excess water. They usually have a lace-up fly in addition to a Velcro fly under that. They have at least one side pocket.

People wear this type of shorts because it has a sportier look. It can be worn during water sports event or at beach volleyball. If you notice, most of the designers have started creating board shorts instead of swim trunks.

Nowadays less people wear swim trunks. They are shorter than board shorts, looser and made from nylon, cotton or polyester. Depending on the type and cut of the short, they may be clingier than a board short, as well as more absorbent of water. Board shorts usually sport an elastic waistband and may or may not have a lace-up fly. Swim trunks are mostly worn by middle aged and older men because they find it comfortable. People may not wear board shorts because of its length.

Many people are confused as to should they wear swim trunks or board shorts. It is based on their preference. Sometimes you may like the pattern you find on a particular pair of board shorts. You may prefer the comfort of a classic pair of swim trunks.

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